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What are benefits of becoming Member of World Lawyers Association?

Benefits of becoming member of this association are galore, few of them are as under;-

1-You will access a wide legal knowledge base as a privileged member of our association. Millions of civil, criminal and constitutional precedents gathered from all over the world got to be in your access.

2-You will have your political voice heard all over the world. You will be able to take part in polls and surveys on legal and political matters. You will be able to support lawyers political cause or standpoint on a certain matter in anywhere in the world.

3- Association will support you and protect your rights all over the world. If you go to a country where you are not a member of that country's bar, members of our association from that country will protect your rights and lend you every kind of legal assistance for free.

How to Become Member World Lawyers Association?

Becoming a privileged member of "World Lawyers Association” is easy. You will fill a simple application form. Our office will call your state or province bar association to verify your membership within next two business days. After your membership is verified, we will send you a temporary user name and password to login to members' area. Once you are logged in, you can create a new user name and password.

How Long Will I Be Member of World Lawyers Association?

Your membership is valid for 3 years and gets renewed automatically if your status is not changed. However, it is your responsibility to inform us about your changed status. If your local bar membership is cancelled, suspended or terminated, you ought to inform us.

Is Membership of World Lawyers Association Free?

Yes, it is totally free. However, if ever, we require your legal services in your country, you are bound both morally and by terms and conditions of association to provide your assistance for free!

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